Ginna is a multi-disciplined portraitist, experience designer, and integral educator. She finds beauty in brokenness via traditions entrusted to her by her teachers, Terry Tempest Williams, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Annette Lemieux, James Wood, and Sarita Chawla, among others. She seeks to witness and help heal the social and ecological body through art-making, storytelling, and designing for learning. In addition to her art making, in 2009, Ginna helped seed The Sage School of Human Ecology in Hailey, Idaho, where she taught writing, observational drawing, and salsa dancing before serving as Director of Communications and then Vice Chair of the Board. She has since served as Creative Director of the Lynne Cohen Foundation for the prevention of breast and ovarian cancers, and as a portraitist of progressive school environments. She holds a masters degree in educational philosophy and creative learning from Harvard University.